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    • [News] Prospects for the development of heat treatment equipment 日期:19-11-19 点击:195 好评:0

      With the heavy chemical industry such as steel, machinery and chemical industry gradually shifting to developing countries, heat treatment plays an important supporting role in the revitalization and development of China's machinery manufacturing industry, and the development of machinery manufacturing industry will certainly drive the rapid development of China's heat treatment industry....

    • [News] Reasonable use of induction heating equipment to reduce heat treatment deformation of workpiece 日期:19-11-14 点击:129 好评:0

      Reasonable use of induction heating equipment to reduce heat treatment deformation of workpieces and other influencing factors...

    • [News] Grasp these eight crafts you are the heat treatment expert 日期:19-11-13 点击:173 好评:0

      Eight processes: annealing process, normalizing process, quenching process, tempering process, surface quenching process, chemical heat treatment process, vacuum heat treatment process, special heat treatment process (laser, ion nitriding, PCD, CVD, ion plating, etc.) These eight processes, heat treatment is an expert!...

    • [News] Do you know what is the heat treatment of induction heating equipment 日期:19-11-12 点击:170 好评:0

      Heat treatment is actually a complicated process, and its concept is not well described. Many manufacturers use metal processing only for surface finish and shape processing. For example, rolling, forming, machining, and plating. These processing methods only process the workpiece with some appearance. Only the induction heat treatment of the workpiece can greatly improve the comprehensive mechanical properties of the workpiece....

    • [News] How to choose hardware tools for heat treatment equipment 日期:19-11-11 点击:140 好评:0

      In general, quenching, welding and other processes, the relative power can be selected smaller, the frequency is selected higher; tempering, annealing and other processes, the relative power is selected to be larger, the frequency is selected lower; red punch, hot forging, smelting, etc., need For a process with good diathermy effect, the power is selected more and the frequency is selected lower. Hardware tools 7. Material of the workpiece The relative power of the high melting point of the met...

    • [News] Tool heat treatment process 日期:19-11-11 点击:131 好评:0

      In the current tool processing process, the induction heating process is compared, which has obvious advantages such as energy saving, environmental protection and safety....

    • [News] What are the quenching heat treatment cooling media 日期:19-11-08 点击:78 好评:0

      Quenching heat treatment cooling medium, commonly used quenching medium is water, aqueous solution, mineral oil, molten salt, molten alkali and so on....

    • [News] Misunderstanding analysis of quenching annealing heat treatment 日期:19-11-08 点击:200 好评:0

      Heat treatment is an important process in our forging industry, and many of our heat-treated counterparts will encounter a variety of product problems. Today, the Haituo Power Plant is based on some examples of heat treatment misunderstandings that have been experienced by an old heat treatment plant manager for many years....

    • [News] Introduction to bearing quenching heat treatment technology 日期:19-11-08 点击:128 好评:0

      The quality of bearing quenching heat treatment is directly related to the subsequent processing quality, which ultimately affects the use performance and life of the parts. At the same time, heat treatment is the major energy consumption and pollution of the machinery industry....

    • [News] Welding component heat treatment process control process 日期:19-11-06 点击:58 好评:0

      In order to ensure the performance and quality of the welded components, improve the plasticity of the weld metal, eliminate or reduce the welding residual stress, prevent cracks, and heat-treat the welded components if necessary. According to the order of the heat treatment process and the welding process, the heat treatment of the welded component is often divided into three types: pre-heat treatment, post-heat treatment and post-weld heat treatment....


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