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    • [News] What are the quenching heat treatment cooling media 日期:19-11-08 点击:77 好评:0

      Quenching heat treatment cooling medium, commonly used quenching medium is water, aqueous solution, mineral oil, molten salt, molten alkali and so on....

    • [News] Misunderstanding analysis of quenching annealing heat treatment 日期:19-11-08 点击:199 好评:0

      Heat treatment is an important process in our forging industry, and many of our heat-treated counterparts will encounter a variety of product problems. Today, the Haituo Power Plant is based on some examples of heat treatment misunderstandings that have been experienced by an old heat treatment plant manager for many years....

    • [News] 10 methods commonly used in the quenching process of 2019 日期:19-11-04 点击:144 好评:0

      10 methods commonly used in the quenching process of 2019...

    • [News] Relationship and difference between high frequency quenching and quenching and tempering process 日期:19-10-25 点击:90 好评:0

      Today, I will introduce you to the relevant knowledge about the high-frequency quenching and quenching and tempering process in the steel processing process. What is the meaning of quenching and tempering, and what is the connection and difference between quenching and tempering? Let's unravel and confuse, let's take a look!...

    • [News] Differences and effects of annealing, normalizing, quenching and tempering 日期:19-10-22 点击:157 好评:0

      The overall heat treatment is a metal heat treatment process that heats the workpiece as a whole and then cools it at an appropriate speed to change its overall mechanical properties. Annealing, normalizing, quenching and tempering are the four basic processes in the overall heat treatment. They are called “four fires”. The quenching and tempering are closely related and often used together....

    • [News] Length dimension affecting induction hardening 日期:19-10-21 点击:203 好评:0

      High-frequency quenching is mostly used for surface quenching of industrial metal parts. It is a metal heat treatment method that produces a certain induced current on the surface of the workpiece, rapidly heats the surface of the part, and then rapidly quenches....

    • [News] China Haituo electromechanical sucker rod quenching equipment professional manufacturer 日期:19-10-18 点击:111 好评:0

      The sucker rod quenching equipment produced by Guangdong Haituo Electromechanical Co., Ltd. uses an induction heating system. Therefore, the product quality is excellent and the performance is stable. Haituo Electromechanical Co., Ltd. introduces Germany, the UK's advanced induction heating technology, and integrates R&D, production and sales into an excellent private enterprise....

    • [News] Professional custom sucker rod quenching and quenching furnace manufacturers 日期:19-10-18 点击:88 好评:0

      The sucker rod is a high-strength metal rod used for oil extraction in oilfield oil wells. Due to the high work measurement intensity, it has very strict requirements on its own characteristics, and the corresponding quenching link is also a very important part. The sucker rod quenching furnace production line mainly consists of two major parts, including the power part and the mechanical part. ...

    • [News] High quality sucker rod quenching system supplier 日期:19-10-18 点击:91 好评:0

      The sucker rod quenching system adopts the control with PLC as the core, and adopts the frequency conversion speed regulation composed of the open loop system to control the speed of the transfer, the infrared photoelectric device to detect, the fault display composed of the signal light, and the speed display composed of the light emitting diode. A control system with good performance, low failure rate, low cost and high reliability has been formed. This system has completed the complicated pro...

    • [News] Energy-saving and environmentally friendly automobile torsion bar quenching equipment manufacturer 日期:19-10-17 点击:105 好评:0

      Dongguan Haituo Electromechanical Manufacturer is a large-scale automobile torsion bar quenching equipment manufacturer in China. We are now able to customize the production of torsion bar quenching equipment for rod diameter 16-50mm. The main features of the automobile torsion bar quenching equipment are power saving, saving money, environmental protection, health, and fully compounding the trend of the 21st century....


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